Baby Shoe (and more) Patterns for Embroidery Machines
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Baby Shoes and Slippers

Buster  Brown
wpeD.jpg (9637 bytes)  
wpeB.gif (38004 bytes)  

Baby Boots

wpeF.gif (12784 bytes)  
One, Two, Velcro My Shoe*

Ballet Slippers

shoe10.jpg (63359 bytes)
Baby Golf Shoe
Baby Flip-Flops
0flipflop4.gif (110894 bytes)

Baby Animal Slippers (New)

Animal Slippers 

Safari Slippers

Satin Shoes
00shoe9.jpg (39801 bytes)
Christening Shoes
Simple Sandals
simplesandal1.jpg (35262 bytes)
Easy "fur"-lined boots
babyboot.jpg (44095 bytes)

NEW Baby Sneakers

Box of Booties

Box of Booties Too

Box of Booties Three

Baby Sandals and Shoebox


"In the hoop" Baby Clothes

"in the hoop" Baby Dress**
dressa1.jpg (77595 bytes)
"in the hoop" Baby Pinafore**
0Apinafore15B.jpg (35111 bytes)

"in the hoop" 
Ducky suit
suit22.jpg (36777 bytes)

 Scottie Dog  bubble suit 
csuit.jpg (63258 bytes)
Satin Jacket
0jacket6.jpg (55398 bytes)
Satin Bonnet
0bonnet1.gif (122406 bytes)
bonnet10.gif (53491 bytes)
Hats and booties

Baby Boy's Christening and Special Occasions

bonnet1.jpg (35873 bytes)
11" Square Hankie/Baby Bonnet/coaster/horn of sachet

Bibbed Aprons with pockets
apron20.jpg (66533 bytes)

Bears and other stuffed "in the hoop" Toys

brownbear1.gif (67815 bytes)
Original Barely Bare Bears **
0bear.jpg (45442 bytes)
NEW Bear

doll7.jpg (41426 bytes)
Two-In-One Baby Doll

dollb2.gif (54778 bytes)
Two-in-One Story Book Doll


Baby Activity Book**
babybookb.jpg (47393 bytes)

Snuggle Bug and Snuggle Bee


McFlatty's Farm and Animals
plove0.jpg (44048 bytes)
Puppy Love for 6x10 hoops
0plove10.jpg (46248 bytes)
Puppy Love for 5x7 hoops
kitty21.jpg (36829 bytes)
Fancy Felines
Two-Headed Buddies
in a Blanket (bunny/duck)

Buddies in a Blanket.gif (49410 bytes)
Two-Headed Buddies
in a Blanket (piggy/lamb)
buddya.jpg (42768 bytes)
Puppy in a Blanket
Kitty-Cubby Buddies in a Blanket
kittycub.jpg (37127 bytes)

18" Doll Clothes Patterns

Clothes for 18" doll
00doll47.jpg (64209 bytes)
Clothes for 18" doll
00doll44.jpg (69348 bytes)
More clothes for 18" doll
000adoll.jpg (58270 bytes)
Sleep wear for 18" doll
2doll5.jpg (54305 bytes)
Beach wear for 18" doll
005doll30.jpg (42561 bytes)
Beach wear for 18" doll
005doll23.jpg (45591 bytes)
Sports wear for 18" doll
Polo Shirt and Skort/shorts
005ddoll3.jpg (14237 bytes)
Skirt, Jumper and Blouse
ajumper5.jpg (54852 bytes)
Covered Hangers for Doll Clothes
1doll2.jpg (41678 bytes)
Blouse and Skirt
outfit1.jpg (51795 bytes)
Coat Hat and Boots
coat12.jpg (30367 bytes)
Tennis Outfit
00tennis1.jpg (49280 bytes)
Cowgirl Outfit
0000cowgirl4.jpg (37024 bytes)
Doll Shoes
0dollboatshoe1.jpg (49133 bytes)
Summer Dresses
0015doll7.jpg (30093 bytes)
Capri, "Sweaters" & espadrilles
img_4682.jpg (44991 bytes)
Cheerleader and Skating Outfit
000acheer3.jpg (26128 bytes)
Victorian Carolers
img_4913.jpg (41315 bytes)
Dress, Jacket, and more
img_5253.jpg (46257 bytes)
Main photo.jpg (92789 bytes)
Girly High Tops
jacket6.jpg (36542 bytes)
Motor Scooter Jacket
doctor3.jpg (51759 bytes)
Medical Outfit
NA princess1.JPG (34779 bytes)
Native American Princess
Heidi's Holiday5.JPG (35184 bytes)
Heidi's Holiday
Christmas Angel1.JPG (32516 bytes)
Ballet Fairy
eshoe1.jpg (38507 bytes)
Doll Shoes II
img_6086.jpg (32564 bytes)
Doll Shoes III
img_6306.jpg (48730 bytes)
Anchors Aweigh
Rebecca changed her clothes.JPG (84307 bytes)
Picnic Outfit
babydoll1.jpg (49007 bytes)
Embroidery pattern for 15" 
Baby Doll
HeartNSole collar 1.JPG (34999 bytes)
Collars for Doll Clothes

shoe D Puddle Jumpers.JPG (47566 bytes)
Doll Shoes IV

img_6803.jpg (52598 bytes)
Halloween Costumes


Doll Bedding
img_4978.jpg (45490 bytes)


Boy outfit


Baseball Uniform

Holiday Sweaters


Vintage Southern Belle

Mini Basket Collection

"in the hoop" Quilts and pillow patterns

at1.jpg (44726 bytes)
Cross Stitch Designs

  "The Cheesy Little Baby Quilt" 
abc29.jpg (58095 bytes)
Another Cheesy Little Baby Quilt
00pillow3.jpg (37564 bytes)
Round Pillows
Appliqué Bear Quilt Top
abq6.jpg (51884 bytes)

FREE Christmas Tree
 Quilted Wall
00000tree4.jpg (203738 bytes)

Crazy Heart Patchwork Quilt
0Abearquilt1.jpg (73614 bytes)
Lamb Quilt 
and accessories
lambquilt5.gif (203775 bytes)
Star/Heart Quilt
quilt1.jpg (46810 bytes)
Cross Stitch Pillow and Coaster
pillow2.jpg (60863 bytes)
Quacky Tracks
000001p.jpg (13094 bytes)
Baby Bear Quilt
babybear.jpg (86316 bytes)
Bonus Booties
bearbootie.JPG (52053 bytes)
Boy or Girl Appliqué Quilt
img_6909.jpg (51327 bytes)
Boy or Girl Appliqué Quilt
img_6953.jpg (62496 bytes)

Holiday Patterns

Pumpkin, Wreath, and Picture Frame
p1b.jpg (28925 bytes)

FREE Christmas Tree
 Quilted Wall Hanging

00000tree4.jpg (203738 bytes)

Flop-ear Bunny with Elegant Eggs
0bunny3.jpg (280187 bytes)
Stuffed Bunny and Puppet
bunny21.jpg (23402 bytes)
Christmas Houses
chouse20.jpg (74871 bytes)
Holiday Shops
00shop10.jpg (62105 bytes)
Holiday Tissue Boxes
000chouse10.jpg (60479 bytes)
Sleigh full of Goodies
Christmas Star
star snowflake.jpg (44115 bytes)


Christmas Ball
atree1.jpg (33148 bytes)

Miscellaneous "in the hoop" patterns

Baby Blocks/Tissue Box/Bank
block10.jpg (39399 bytes)
Boy Tissue Box Cover
0cover5.jpg (12850 bytes)
Sleepy Masks
mask2.jpg (43536 bytes)
Bunny Bank and Bean Bag
Spring Baskets
basket1.jpg (31967 bytes)
Decorated Headbands
hb7.jpg (13826 bytes)

Noodle Pony
threeponies.gif (90307 bytes)

clown3.gif (64035 bytes)

Heart Box


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